How to Stage Your Home Before Selling


For your home to fetch the best price you should stage it properly. Home staging involves improving the appearance of your house before you invite a potential buyer or a real estate agent. Home staging is a crucial stage during selling of homes since it influences the buyer’s decision to buy and even the amount he/she is willing to pay.  The only way that you can give your home a better look is through home staging. Hiring a home stager can be expensive so here are some of the ways that you can create a better picture of your home.

Making the house ready to be sold is one of the tips in Raising your home’s worth with staging.  Removing of personal photos from the wall of the house will make the house look like it is ready for sale.  Your personal artifacts will give the buyer an impression that that is still your home.  The reason for removing the artifacts will ensure that buyer can have an imagination of the house with his/her own artifacts.  The buyer will be more willing to buy the house without the artifacts.

Cleaning the house will make it look attractive and desirable.  Once you have removed the artifacts, you should clean your home.  Repainting the worn out parts of the house will make it look new.  The buy will be happy to see that house has been repainted because he/she will not have to spend on repainting anymore after purchasing the home.  Stain of the floor should be scrubbed, and the garbage bag disposed.  The beauty of the home is also contributed by the condition of the lawns so you should ensure that it is also properly taken care of.

In order for the buyer to develop more interest in your house you should ensure that there is no foul smell. In order to give your home a pleasant aroma you should use air fresheners but in controlled levels. You should also ensure that you discard food particles that might bring a foul smell.  Home stating not only involves cleaning the house but also the external environment of the house.  The buyer sees the external environment of the house before getting into the house.  Without seeing the house, the buyer can predict how the house will look like just from the condition of the external environment.

While cleaning the external environment you should ensure that the garbage is disposed f, the cobwebs removed and the pavements swept.

If you are having furniture in the house you should position them in such a way that they create space for free movement and make it look spacious.  The list is long on how to stage your home as there are many other increase my home’s value before selling tips. It is hard for a buyer to resist a properly staged home.

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